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Health holiday in Bulgaria

yoga holiday bulgaria
Yoga holiday in Bulgaria
Bulgaria is a great destination to enjoy an affordable #Health holiday.

With pure, picturesque mountains you can really get into contact with nature and enjoy a broad range of outdoor and sports activities.

  1. Spa treatments in one of Bulgaria’s many specialised mineral spa resorts where you can receive active treatment for a broad range of conditions: nervous, skin, digestive, rehabilitation after surgery
  2. Fitness and activity holidays from walking to hiking, ultra running and horse riding.
  3. Yoga holiday in the mountains of the Central Balkan.
  4. Nutrition rediscover health and nature on eco-farms where you can eat what you grow and participate in the whole cycle of food.
  5. Beauty and medical: Bulgaria has become of Europe’s leading medical tourism destination as it provides high-quality low-cost dental treatment, cosmetic surgery, one-day beauty treatments, orthopedic and spine surgery and weight loss surgery.

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