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JMB Travel organises bespoke historical and cultural tours of Bulgaria and the Balkans.

We create unique cultural, historical and archaeological tours of Bulgaria and the Balkans. We tailor-make the tour to include your preferences for accommodation, transport, visits and entertainment as well as budget and time. Most tours are 8 days and can be extended to 12 days.

  • The Classical Tour of Bulgaria takes you on a unique journey of Bulgaria’s rich cultural heritage. You will visit the most beautiful UNESCO World Heritage sites and discover the contributions of the Thracians, ancient Greeks and Romans as well as Ottoman period.
  • The Archaeological Tour of Bulgaria gives you a chance to discover Bulgaria’s wealth of Greek, Roman and Thracian remains: ancient cities being excavated, tombs and gold treasures.
  • Women’s Tour of Bulgaria is a specially tailored tour for women’s groups to meet local Bulgarian women and discover their contribution to Bulgarian culture and history. The tour includes visits of historical sites that reflect the role of women and the practice of traditional arts & crafts with the help of women artisans.

    Ancient Thrace
  • The Folk Tour of Bulgaria takes you through Bulgaria’s rich musical heritage reaching back in time to Orpheus and Dionysus. You can learn how to dance traditional Bulgarian Horo, discover the magical Bulgarian voices and participate in local folk festivals.
  • The Classical Tour of Thrace is centered around the Rhodope mountains, the home of Orpheus. The tour covers today’s Southern Bulgaria, Northern Greece and Western Turkey. It takes you to the historical cities of Plovdiv, Thessaloniki, Edirne and Istanbul whilst visiting the birthplace of Alexander the Great.

As a registered tour operator and local DMC JMB Travel Bulgaria has experience organising these tours and will be glad to discuss your preferences.

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