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Rally driving in Bulgaria

Rally driving in Bulgaria
Rally driving in Bulgaria

Winter is the best time of the year for rally driving. Whether you are a beginner or have indulged before the slippery and unpredictable conditions create more of a thrill. The car skids and twists around bends with a magical blessing.

At JMB Travel we organise winter rally driving in Bulgaria. It can be integrated as part of the Ski Team Building. It is an exciting incentive travel reward that can be combined with other sports travel activities.

In winter it can be part of an off-piste activities package such as skidoo snowmobile driving, horse riding and igloo making.

In summer for the Active Team Building we can combine it with other outdoor nature activities such as rafting, kayaking and paragliding.

Rally driving is also one of the activities that we offer as an option for the Active Holidays in Bulgaria.

For the rally driving day you will have as an instructor one of Bulgaria’s up-and-coming champions. He will teach you the techniques of a winner and push you to the limits of the car and the track. It is an once in a lifetime experience.

@ JMB Travel we’re a family-run travel agency. We take care of our guests.

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