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  • What is tailor-made travel?

    At JMB Travel we specialise in tailor-made travel to Bulgaria and the Balkans: Greece, Turkey Serbia, Macedonia and Romania. We like to listen to our guests and we take a personal care to make their ideal holiday a reality. So what does it mean? We’ve created unique holidays because each one of our guests is…

  • Family nature discovery holiday

      Discover the Central Balkan from the Aromahoney mountain retreat. Enjoy bushcraft, camping, birding, bug hunting, wild animal tracking, medicinal plants and mushroom identification and home-made food as well as many activities: MTB, horse riding, walking, hiking and much more. Aromahoney is a private mountain retreat where you can discover nature and reconnect with yourself…

  • Family nature holiday

    Summer family nature holiday in Bulgaria. An endless choice of activities for parents and children: nature discovery, outdoors, active holiday, sports, art and crafts… More photos on 500px.

  • Sofia Street Scene

    This image is unique to Sofia, Bulgaria. Holes in the wall where they sell alcohol and cigarettes are a typical feature of the streets in Sofia and so are women chatting, smoking and slowly sipping coffee from a plastic cup. The moment captured in this photo encompasses the essence of Sofia in all its mundane…

  • Summer holiday 2016

    At JMB Travel we have great ideas for you to have a fun and memorable Summer holiday in 2016. Beach and Mountain Enjoy a beach holiday on the Aegean coast in Greece and a mountain holiday in Bulgaria. The beach and mountain holiday gives you the best of nature and sea. It is great idea…

  • This morning

    The view this morning #mountainlife #aromahoney #centralbalkan #bulgaria

  • Xmas ideas

    The run-up to Xmas is always a difficult time. What will you do for Xmas? What presents will you buy for your loved ones. At JMB Travel we aim to help you with your decisions by giving some original and affordable ideas to enjoy Xmas in Bulgaria. Here is a list of choices that we…