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What makes a good DMC?

It’s a question of trust…

What is a DMC?

A DMC is a Destination Management Company, also called a ground-handler. It is a local tour operator that works on behalf of a foreign tour operator that sends them clients.

The local tour operator is a local specialist who knows the best hotels, restaurants, transport, visits and guides. It is best placed to organise and manage the holiday of the foreign clients.

JMB Travel is a Destination Management Company (DMC) for Bulgaria and the Balkans

It can get the best price deals to create a cost-effective package and increase the profitability of the package for his foreign partner.

And in case there is any problem the local tour operator can respond quickly and effectively to resolve it.

So what makes a good DMC?

Is it the money-saving, the presence on the ground or expert knowledge that makes a good Destination Management Company (DMC)?

Well, we have asked our partners and it’s actually all about the trust. A foreign tour operator trusts a local partner with his clients. If anything goes wrong between the organisation, the management of the group during their stay or anything else for that matter then the foreign tour operator will risk losing its clients. And it’s a big risk. Not only the clients but the loss of reputation can affect their business.

What the foreign tour operator wants is reliability. They want the local tour operator to deliver what was promised in the programme down to the detail. The menu for vegetarians, the food without onions, the glass of wine on the first evening. Everything that was planned should be performed without fault. That is the most important!

JMB Travel group in Edirne, Turkey

At JMB Travel we like to listen to our partners and clients. We always ask for feedback to find out what we can do better next time. So we ask and ask again what was right and what can be improved so that next time the client’s experience is even better. We’re attentive to detail and we like to be precise.

At JMB Travel we are a Destination Management Company (DMC), ground-handler for Bulgaria and surrounding countries: Romania, Greece, Macedonia, Serbia and Turkey. We are the preferred partner for tour operators from all over Europe. We have the experience of managing large groups and very specific requirements. We deliver what we promise. And most of all we always go out the extra mile to make the client’s experience memorable and unique.





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