MICE Bulgaria

Bulgaria is a great destination for MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Events).

Low-cost: Bulgaria is an affordable destination for MICE. You can hire top venues and 5-star spa hotels with good conference facilities for a very reasonable price. Food and drink are good and cheap too.

Overall, you get a lot of value for your money in Bulgaria.


Teambuilding in Bulgaria

Variety: You have a wide variety of environments to organise Incentives and Events. There are historical sites to create unique events in a beautiful and authentic setting. The mountains are ideal for ski team building events. And in Summer on the Black sea coast we can organise beach activities and nature activities.

Proximity: Distances in Bulgaria are relatively short. It is fast and easy to transfer groups from a local airport (Sofia, Plovdiv, Burgas or Varna). So you do not waste time transfering the participants. Bulgaria is easily accessible from most international airports in Europe and the Middle-East.

Resources: Bulgaria has the right people to organise successful events. At JMB Travel as a DMC we partner with experienced local suppliers to deliver a successful event. For active team buildings and events there is equipment such as ATV, Skidoo snowmobiles, horses and more to organise activities for the participants.

New: Bulgaria is an alternative and original destination for MICE. If your company has been to the same-old destinations then Bulgaria will create that feeling of surprise and excitement.

In Bulgaria you can afford to splash-out and organise a memorable event. It’s an exciting destination that has facilities to cater for groups of all types and satisfy a broad range of requirements.

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Sofia Street Scene



Sofia Street Scene

This image is unique to Sofia, Bulgaria. Holes in the wall where they sell alcohol and cigarettes are a typical feature of the streets in Sofia and so are women chatting, smoking and slowly sipping coffee from a plastic cup. The moment captured in this photo encompasses the essence of Sofia in all its mundane reality.

Apparently by law employees in Bulgaria are entitled to 15mns break every hour, hence why this scene is so common in Bulgarian streets.


Sofia is Accessible to All



Accessible Travel AT in Sofia

Sofia in Bulgaria is now Accessible to ALL! At JMB Travel we are proud to be the only tour operator that organises a weekend in Sofia for people with special needs. We organise transport and hotel with wheelchair access as well as tailored visits and activities based on your personal interests.

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